Jose Bautista, Designer.

Hi there, my name is Jose Bautista. I am a designer working in the place where machines and humans meet.

My name is Jose Bautista, and I am a designer who loves to create human experiences to interact with mobiles and computers through interfaces. I'm based in the sunny and lovely Barcelona, keeping myself busy solving Signaturit problems through design. If you want to, you can view and download my resumé.

As a professional, I set myself a challenge: to understand how people use digital products and how they interact with design. With that in mind, I work hard to create the best possible visual and interactive experiences, exploring innovative ways to create real impact. I am passionate about building up clean and intuitive interfaces to engage with users. I am an expert at conceptualizing and redefining products and business through user needs, thinking big, moving fast, always paying attention to small details.

I believe design is a driver of innovation and collaboration between different teams to achieve common goals. The creative approach to problem solving.

I like to work with humble and honest people who believe in combine design, technology and business to solve real problems and grow together.

I do what I love, I love what I do.